FREE Women's Self Defense Classes In Boston

Every Saturday 10 AM - 11 AM in Charlestown

Predict, Identify & Avoid Violence

Using the SEPS Situation Effective Protection System Framework

Simple, Effective, Proven Techniques

Realistic Solutions To Violence

Welcome To Women's Self-Defense Boston.

This is a free program that teaches you how to predict, identify, prevent and avoid violence, and deal with physical attacks.

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About Women's Self-Defense Boston

A Free Personal Safety & Self-Defense Program

Welcome to SEPS Women’s Self-Defense Boston, a free program, that teaches effective proven self-defense and personal-safety. The program is completely free, and runs every Saturday from 10 AM to 11 AM, at our studio in Charlestown, where there is free on-site parking. To book a class, either use the calendar at the bottom of this page or click here (for detailed driving instructions click here).

SEPS, which stands for Situation Effective Protection System, is a framework, for understanding how different violent situations evolve and develop, and how to predict, identify and avoid them – which is the focus of the program. Without the ability to predict and identify violent situations before they develop means that you will always be caught unprepared and surprised, which reduces the chances of any physical solution being effective. By learning the predictors and indicators, that precede a violent confrontation, you may have the possibility of disengaging from, or de-escalating it before it turns physical, or if not at the very least getting yourself in a better position – both physically, mentally and emotionally – for dealing with it. To read more about the SEPS approach to self-defense and personal safety click here.

Our program attempts to be both comprehensive and research driven. We look at the situations and contexts within which women are assaulted and formulate responses based on these, rather than try and fit/force a particular self-defense system, on to what is reality. Everything we teach is supported by an online component, so that it is possible for those attending classes to revise and expand, on the subject matter discussed. Our program is modular, and each module can be taken as a stand-alone class, allowing for them to be taken, in any order, and out of turn – we recognize that this type of training, if to be effective, needs to fit into your personal schedule.

We have been offering our free program in Boston, since 2011, and have trained thousands of women in the Boston and Greater Boston area, in how to avoid and deal with violent assaults. We also run a yearly Campus Safety seminar, which teaches young women going off to university for the first time, how to avoid and deal with violence. We receive no funding or assistance for these programs, and offer them as a service to our community. We urge you to take a class, see the difference that it makes in your life, and share the knowledge with female friends and family members so that they not only feel safer, but are safer.

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Booking Calendar

If you want to attend one of our classes (minimum age is 15, with Parental/Guardian Consent), please use the calendar below. You cannot sign up others on your behalf – so please don’t try and sign up multiple people; everyone will need to sign up and with a different email account. We do limit space/places, to ensure that there is a good instructor/student ratio, so if you aren’t sure whether you will attend or not, please don’t book a class, as this may prevent somebody else from attending. If you are a business or enterprise looking to provide training for your employees, please respect that this free class is for individuals in the Greater Boston Community, and is not intended for businesses and corporations. If you are intetrested in providing training for the employees of your company please click here.

You will need to wear gym style clothing (no jeans or regular clothes – as these may damage our mats), and be prepared to train barefoot. You will also need to fill out a prospect form, which can be accessed here – a link to this form will also be sent in your confirmation email. You can also access this form by clicking here

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide childcare, and due to insurance reasons, we cannot have unaccompanied minors in our space.