6 Module Personal Safety Course

This is a free 6 module online campus safety course for young women either at university, or about to go to university. It's aim is to educate the reader as to how violent and dangerous situations develop, both on and off campus, and how certain crimes such as thefts and burglaries, occur and can be prevented. Each year, we hold a special free seminar, for young women who are about to go to college for the first time. Please check our calendar page for dates. You can access the calendar by, clicking here.


This module is a foundational one, that looks at the commonalities between seeminly different assaults and criminal acts. It looks at the way different situations develop, and what indicators are present that allow individuals to predict and recognize, assaults and attacks before they occur. It is worth reading this module before looking at specific assaults and criminal acts, as it provides a framework, for understanding violent. To read more, please click here

1. Rape & Sexual Assault

One in five, female students are raped or sexually assaulted, whilst at college or university. This number is believed to be on the low side as many victims of sexual assaults, don't report their assailants because they either know them and don't want to get them into trouble, believing that they may have lead them on and actually be to blame for their assault, or because they don't think that their is enough evidence for them to be believed. As a result many victims of rape drop out of college/university and forego their education.

This module looks at the methods rapists and sexual assailants use to gain access to their victims, and the ways they orchestrate situations so that the people they target, end up complying with their demands and requests before being assaulted. By the end of this module you should be able to identify the tactics and methods they employ, and be able to predict sexual assaults before they happen. To read more please click here.

2. Abusive Partners

College & University years, are usually the ones where individuals, engage in their first serious and often long term relationships. However not everyone who at first glance appears to be good boyfriend material is. We may believe that we are good judges of character, however often abusive partners, whether they are emotionally or physically abusive, don't properly reveal who they are until they are much more comfortable in the relationship. By this time it may be much harder to end the relationship without unnecessary consequences. Learning to identify what the warning signs are with such individuals is an important skill to have.

This module also looks at stalkers and stalking. This is because many abusive partners end up stalking their ex-partners after the break up of the relationship. The motivations and methods of stalkers are detailed along with ways to deal with them. To read more please click here.

3. Thefts & Robberies

It is easy to forget when you first move away from home, whether on or off campus, that you are living with and are surrounded by strangers, and people you don't know very well. The casual approach that you may have taken back home concerning your property when you didn't have to think so much about security, may see you at risk of losing your possessions and belongings. This module looks at ways to keep your items safe and not having to make costly replacements.

This module also looks at muggers and street robberies that may occur both on and off campus. The process that muggers and similar criminals use, to identify locations in which to work, and their vistim selection process is explained - along with what to do if you have to deal with a mugging incident/situation. With the knowledge you learn in this module you should be able to predict and avoid being the victim this type of crime. To read more please click here.

4. Safety Online

Social Media is a powerful way to both express yourself and keep in touch with friends and what's going on in their lives, however it is both easy to inadvertently damage your reputation and put yourself at risk without realizing you are doing so. This module looks at certain situations and incidents where college students and others have damaged their reputations, losing jobs and scholarships, have caused pain and humiliation to others, and have done things which jeopardized their personal safety.

By the end of this module you should have a better idea of social media best practices, and how to interact with both your devices and social media sites in a safer manner. To read more please click here.

5. Deescalating Dangerous Situations

Not all violence is committed by predatory individuals who plan and orchestrate their assaults, some acts of aggression and violence are spontaneous in their nature e.g. if you spill a drink over somebody, jump a queue, step on somebody's foot, these are all things which may result in the individual becoming angry and aggressive. It is not that they came to the situation with the intent of causing you harm, rather it is something you have done, or that they think you have done which has caused them to act aggressively towards you.

In these types of situation it is usually possible to deescalate an aggressor and avoid a physical confrontation. This module will explain when and where deescalation is appropriate and when it is not, and the best process for getting someone to not use violence against you. To read more please click here.

6. Safety When Socializing

Even if you are not a party animal or somebody who is into large social gatherings and events, it will be hard to go through your university and campus life without attending a few of these types of events. Whilst parties and similar are things to be enjoyed, there are unfortunately individuals in our society who derive their pleasure from causing harm, embarrassment and humiliation to others. This is why it is important to learn how to keep ourselves safe at these times so we can properly enjoy these types of events.

In this module you will learn about group dynamics, and how people act and think in a group, and how it is not always safe to conform to the way the group is acting and behaving. You will also learn when parties can become dangerous, and/or when individuals are targeting you for some form of assault or incident. To read more please click here.

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