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Women's Self Defense Corporate Training Programs In Boston If you are looking to train your employees how to handle aggressive/violent behavior either in a work or private setting we can design and engineer a course for you - we have done this for company's in the financial, engineering, retail, healthcare and non-profit sectors (we will be happy to provide a client list, and references should you require it)

Whether it be a standard self-defense and personal safety seminar or a more bespoke offering that you require we can easily tailor/make a course/training for you whether it involves specific training objectives (such as de-escalation over the phone, shop-front confrontational management etc) or more general personal safety awareness etc. Whatever your needs/goals we can put together a "package" which meets your needs. This can be done at our 16 000 sq ft matted studio or at your facility. It can be delivered as a hand-on workshop/training session or a lecture room style presentation (or a combination of both).

You may have offered this type of training before only to have been disappointed by the same tired and often repeated pieces of "good advice" such as "don't walk down dark alleys" etc and wondered if there existed something that was more empowering and realistic; and which taught and developed real life skills for avoiding and handling potentially violent situations. We present our system is a way that empowers women and gives them the skills and knowledge to understand and control their environment.

Nobody needs to hear what they already know; they need to be empowered to put it into action. If you are an organization/enterprise that has female staff that require effective training and a real world model that allows them to realistically handle aggressive and violent situations then you need to look at the present programs we have on offer.

To contact us about these please use the form below or call us on (339) 224-8005.

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