SEPS Women's Self-Defense Studio & Directions

The SEPS Women's Self-Defense and Personal Safety Program, runs every Saturday morning at 10 AM at:

Krav Maga Yashir
Charlestown Maritime Ctr (3 FL)
200 Terminal Street
MA 02129

The training facility is a 16 000 sq ft space, with a 4500 sq ft mat space, that is fitted with Olympic Standard/Grade Judo mats - this is one of the reasons students train barefoot, and can't wear jeans or other types of clothing that may have rivets, or sharp edges. Normal gym clothing/training gear is advised.

When trying to locate the studio, don't rely solely on your GPS (Our studio is directly under the Tobin bridge, and if you come over the bridge, it will believe you have arrived). If you do get lost make your way to 50 Terminal Street, and then head towards the Tobin Bridge, where you can take the turn for the Autoport and Diversified Auto (after that keep driving under the bridge and you will reach our building. There is free parking available.

On The Schrafts Rotary By Sullivan Square Station, Take The Exit After Route 99/Rutherford Avenue To Main Street/Bunker Hill Street

Take The Exit On To Main Street

Continue On Main Street - You Will See A Fire Station On The Left & Will Have Passed The "Teamsters" Building On Your Right
At The First Junction You Come To Take A Left On To Medford Street

Continue on Medford Street (You Will Pass The Knights Of Columbus & The Stove Factory On Your Left

Continue Driving Till You Come To A Set Of Traffic Lights (You Will Take A LeftOn To Terminal Street)

After Taking A Left At The Traffic Lights, Follow The Road Round To The Right, Staying On Terminal Street

Keep Driving Along Terminal Street - You Will See The Tobin Bridge In Front Of You
As You Approach The Tobin Bridge, You Will See That Terminal Street Curves To The Right Over A Small Bridge. Don't Go Over The Bridge But Take A Left Off Terminal Street To Go Under The Tobin Bridge.
Continue Straight Under The Bridge, Passing The Entrance To The Mass Autoport On Your Left

Keep Driving Under The Bridge (You Will Soon See A Sign For The Charlestown Maritime Center)
At The Sign Take A Left

Continue Forward Into The Parking Lot

Once You Have Entered The Parking Lot Take A Right & Park Anywhere In The Lot In Front Of The Building. We Are Located On The 3rd Floor Of The Charlestown Maritime Center