Muggings & Financial Predators

Women are far more likely to be the subject of a mugging or street robbery by a stranger than men. More men - usually young - are robbed by people they know or hang out with in their district or school, with most of these crimes not being reported to the police. The reasons for this are twofold: firstly, women are less likely to fight back then men and secondly, most women carry their possessions in a more accessible manner e.g. mobile phone, Ipad, purse etc are carried in their handbag, not in internal coat/jacket pockets etc.

The real danger for women in street-crimes is not that they'll lose their possessions etc but that the robbery itself may turn into a sexual assault. All criminals (barring terrorists) fear getting caught - this is often their only fear. If a mugger believes they can conduct a street robbery without getting caught, it usually means that they believe they're not being observed. This can lead to the setting for a sexual assault or rape.

Most street robberies are conducted for cash, or items that can be quickly translated into cash e.g. mobile phones, watches etc. Sometimes ID, such as a driver's license etc may be taken but only if the perpetrator knows someone who can fence it or take it off their hands quickly - being caught with another person's ID is a fairy irrefutable piece of evidence. The main motivation for mugging a person is to get money to support a drug habit. Muggings committed against strangers are low-level and high-risk criminal acts that have an air of desperation about them. This can make the aggressor/criminal conducting them volatile and unpredictable and difficult to handle even when you comply with their requests. If a weapon is involved things may become even less controlled.

All of these things mean that surviving a street robbery or mugging is not a straightforward matter. Straight forward compliance may not ensure survival and knowing the exact decision-tree to follow will be complicated if all the dynamics of the situation have not been considered. Our short course addresses these issues and teaches you what you need to know to deal with them.

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