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In July 2015, two women were victims of a mugging in South Boston, and wrote the following letter to Fox News in order to alert other women in the area about these two predatory individuals. The attack happened at 1 AM on a Saturday morning.

“We are two young professional women, who love living in Southie. Our aim is not to spread fear, but to make people, especially young women, aware of the assault and the fact that walking in twos may not deter these males as they are bold and may jump you both. Both of us took self-defense courses in the past and while helpful, we still did not see or hear these guys until they were on us. We were lucky and managed to get away with minimal scrapes and some bruises.

We want to urge you to be careful and would feel incredibly guilty if we heard it happened again and we did not say anything. I am sorry we don’t have better descriptions of the males, but they were wearing hoodies; it was dark; and they attacked us from behind.”

One of the most interesting pieces in the letter, from a self-defense perspective is the following line, “Both of us took self-defense courses in the past and while helpful, we still did not see or hear these guys until they were on us.” That is, their self-defense training alone wasn’t enough. Too often when women take self-defense classes they are looking to learn a selection/handful of techniques that they hope will be enough to save them in a real-life assault. Unfortunately, as these two women found out, learning physical techniques alone is not enough, and that it is almost impossible to employ such techniques in a fast moving and dynamic situation. What would have helped them more, would have an education into how violent situations develop and occur so that they could have identified the danger before their attackers were on them.

It is easy to think that because you know a physical solution to an attack, you’ll be able to pull it off under the high stress and duress of a real life violent encounter (the failing of this approach often becomes clear during our Redman Training i.e. what you think you’ll be able to do just isn’t possible – and that’s in a training environment). What gives you the ability to perform physical techniques in violent encounters, is the ability to recognize a threat/danger, early enough on, that you have time to prepare for enacting a physical solution/response e.g. if the women writing the letter had been able to see and hear their assailants, they may well have been able to utilize what they learnt in their self-defense classes. This is where personal safety training comes in i.e. learning the skills to predict, prevent, identify and avoid violence before it occurs.

Personal safety isn’t just common sense. In the letter the women write, “that walking in twos may not deter these males.” Whilst we would advocate that it is generally safer to walk in a pair, than on your own, certain predators may actually be attracted to more, rather than less people. A mugger, or pair of muggers (which is the type of criminal these women faced), will get double the money from, assaulting two people than they would from one. Whilst walking in a pair may protect you from a sexual assailant looking for a lone, single victim, walking as a pair may actually attract other types of criminals. By understanding how different predatory individuals work and operate it is possible to identify them before they attack, as well as deter them from attacking in the first place.

Rather than just teach self-defense techniques we put them into the context of an assault, explaining how violent situations develop, the predictors that exist, and how to best prepare yourself if violence is inevitable – as in many situations it isn’t. This knowledge and these skills will also teach you how to avoid being targeted in the first place, which is the primary goal of personal safety/self-protection training.

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