Rape & Sexual Assaults

Not all rapists are the same: some are motivated by anger, others by sadistic urges and others still by various fantasies (including the idea that a woman will actually enjoy what is happening to her). At the heart of all rapes and sexual assaults however is the need for the assailant to demonstrate control and power. The sexual component is always a secondary need - at best - that is, it is a vehicle for relieving anger, satisfying a need to feel the pain/humiliation of another and/or reinforcing the rapist's self image of masculinity and power. Rapists like all criminals have about them a sense of entitlement i.e. other individuals simply exist for their own benefit.

When rape is viewed in this way rather than simply as a criminally deviant sexual act, many of the myths surrounding rape can be debunked. A sexual assault or rape can occur in less than 10 seconds, rather than the minutes that most people assume is the minimum length of time. Men who rape women on subway trains can normally commit their assault between train stops. An assailant will possibly wait for a train next to their chosen target (normally chosen because they are wearing a short skirt, which will mean that there is no need to undress their victim) and start to arouse themselves. When the train comes they will follow their target on - they will have chosen a crowded carriage - and move behind them. Already aroused they will unzip themselves and adjust the victim's underwear so that they can penetrate them, after a few seconds they will ejaculate, zip them self up and leave the train when it enters the next station. The whole process from getting on the train to leaving it will take seconds. The rapist will know that in this time frame their victim will probably freeze and fail to protest as they do not know how to act and respond to such a situation.

It is also probable that the rapist observed and selected their victim(s) according to their behavior on the platform. One rapist used to choose his victims by observing how they behaved in supermarkets - he targeted those women who apologized when somebody else bumped into their shopping cart. This was because he recognized that they looked to avoid the possibility of conflict/argument even when they were the wronged party. We are often being observed when we don't realize it - having good situational awareness skills and learning about how to identify correlations of movement will help us identify these individuals and situations at the earliest opportunity.

We often have in our minds that sexual predators are socially inept and unattractive individuals. Some are but by and large this isn't the case: most rapists are extremely socially competent and understand human nature better than we do. They are able to create and manipulate situations in such a way that it is difficult for us to disengage from them or extricate ourselves from the situation we are "sharing" with them. Many women have let people into their house or got into cars with strangers even though they believed they would always adhere to the "rules" not to do so. This is not to put or apportion blame on/to anyone but merely to demonstrate how skilled these individuals are at manipulating our behavior(s) and going against our better judgment(s). Identifying the "tools" that these individuals use to get us to do as they want/hand over control of a situation to them, along with ways to disengage for them are covered on our 5 module short course (for details please click here). We should always remember that a sexual predator lives his life 24x7 as such an individual whereas the time we spend trying to identifying such individuals is almost zero - and we can only identify them by understanding the processes they use.

Our women's self defense program covers: situational awareness (SA), "profiling" the different types of rapists, recognizing their behaviors and the processes they use along with looking at the various types of situations different rapists create/manipulate from date/acquaintance rapists to those engaging in abductions etc.

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