Redman Training

The SEPS Free Women's Self Defense Program makes use of Redman Scenario Based Training Suits. These are red padded suits that both the student and the instructor wears to protect themselves and to allow the student to operate at full or near-full force against the instructor. These suits are used by Law Enforcement and Military Personnel to simulate, as close to possible whilst remaining safe, what a real-life violent encounter.

Despite their bulky look, a trained instructor is mobile and fast enough to move and replicate all the attacks and threats that a real-life predator/assailant can. This takes our training to a new level of dynamism.

We don't do Redman Training every week, but train towards it. The real benefit to it, is allowing the student to experience the effects of adrenaline and understand how they actually function under these conditions. We don't allow new students to take part in Redman Classes because we want them to gain an understanding of the techniques we teach rather than throwing them straight in at the deep end.

Redman Scenario Based Training not only trains a person how to work under adrenaline but also how to assess threats and make decisions when under high stress. Not every scenario we create, or place the student in requires a physical solution, and we want to train people to make the appropriate non-physical responses to aggression and violence than thinking that they have to respond physically to every situation and threat they face. Avoiding physical violence is the goal of the program and using self-defense techniques and skills is looked on as a last, but sometimes necessary, resort.

Redman Scenario Based Training

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