Free Women's Sekf Defense Redman Training In Boston Our goal is to provide the most effective and realistic training possible. Our ultimate goal, is to teach people how to predict, prevent, identify and avoid violence (self-protection skills. However there are occasions when these warning signs aren’t easily recognized or get missed and physical violence is inevitable. When violence occurs, it is extremely fast and dynamic; something which is hard to replicate in regular classes, when techniques and solutions are being taught, as the pace needs to be slowed down for effective learning. However, at some point these techniques/solutions need to be tested in a more realistic way. Using an instructor wearing a protective suit, a student gets the opportunity to strike with force, and feel the overwhelming nature of an attack, without having to worry about hurting, damaging or injuring the instructor as they fight back.

One important component that this training provides is the emotional one. By replicating the speed and dynamism of an attack, students start to feel the emotional pressure, along with the stress and duress of a real-life confrontation – as well as the physical exhaustion, that is experienced during an assault. Learning how to manage fear, adrenaline and fatigue are as much a part of physical self-defense, as learning techniques, and developing fighting skills. When a student engages in this type of training, they also get to experience the interchange between different dimensions of a fight e.g. how attacks go from standing to on the ground etc. allowing them to put together the different areas of self-defense that the course has gone through.

Free Women's Scenario Based Training In Boston This class, is one that benefits most students after they have a few others under their belt i.e. they have learnt some techniques, and have developed some skills, that will allow them to function and operate against the instructor wearing the suit. However there are benefits that the novice student will get from this training, including the understanding of just how fast real-life attacks occur – and why we should do everything to avoid them.

If you are suffering from PTSD, or are dealing with trauma after an assault, this may be a class that you want to observe first rather than participate in. Whilst there is little risk of physical injury when engaging in this type of training it can be emotionally taxing.

For many women, who have come through our program, the training experience of dealing with a full-speed “attack” in a safe and controlled manner is an extremely rewarding one – and often exhilarating. Anyone who has trained with us, in this way, will attest to the fact that the anticipation of being attacked is much more debilitating and paralyzing than the assault itself. Many students are surprised at what they are able to accomplish, and achieve, when they find themselves having to physically deal with an instructor who is making sustained and committed attacks.

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