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Self-defense is what you do when all else fails; it is a last resort rather than a first. With good situational awareness, training in how to predict and disengage from danger, along with de-escalation skills, you should be able to avoid being targeted for assault, and be able to safely disengage, when you recognize a threat. If all of this fails – and there are only a few reasons why it would – only then do you need to know how to physically defend yourself. I would add that without appropriate personal safety/self-protection skills added to your physical ones, you will find it very difficult to employ any self-defense techniques you have learnt. The two really do go hand-in-hand, which is why our program teaches both parts. To read more about the personal safety aspect of our training, please click here.

Often people get confused as to the goal of self-defense, and wonder how a 120 lb woman can overcome a 240 lb male aggressor i.e. somebody twice her weight, strength and size. The purpose of effective self-defense training is not to necessarily “overcome” an aggressor, but simply stop them doing what they want to you. If a friend, colleague or stranger is trying to sexually assault (most sexual assaults and rapes are committed by somebody you know, in your home or somebody else’s) you don’t have to render them unconscious, beat them to a pulp etc. you have to stop them doing what they want to do to you; that may involve fighting to keep your clothes on, and creating enough space, for you to disengage and escape – even if that means leaving your room, or house etc. Too often these goals get confused in that we want to stop the assailant, punish them in some way, and force them to leave our room/house, when really our goal should be to survive the situation with as few consequences as possible.

There are only two reasons that people fight: for ego or for survival. If a mugger sticks a knife or gun to your stomach and demands your wallet, it is only ego that sees you hold on to it, and fight to retain it; survival, tells you to hand it over – as you know in 99.9% of muggings, the mugger will leave (don’t throw your wallet on the floor away from you as some suggest – in most actual mugging scenarios the location you are in won’t allow this, and you will have just disobeyed somebody with a certain level of anger/aggression who is holding a weapon to you). We should fight for one reason only, and that is survival; when somebody wants to do something to us. If we are subjected to a car-jacking, give up the car (the criminals are after resources not you), if somebody tries to abduct or sexually assault you, fight for your life – this is about you, and your survival.

Rather than simply just teach you techniques, we explain the concepts and principles behind the techniques, so that you can start to understand how to respond and deal with attacks and assaults that may differ somewhat to those that are demonstrated in class – no two violent situations are exactly the same, and you need to be able to adapt your responses to deal with these differences (this is something that unfortunately many self-defense systems fail to do, teaching you only one way to respond to a situation). We also explain the scenarios in which assaults happen, and the different situational components that may be at play e.g. many self-defense techniques that are taught when you are on the ground, won’t work in real-life situations, where space is constricted – you may find yourself pinned down on the back seat of a car (illegal taxi or similar), which is effectively a ground fighting situation, and if you have only practiced techniques in spaces where you have a lot of room to move about you will find yourself unable to perform them.

Our techniques are based on natural, reflexive and instinctual movements, that allow you to easily recall what you have learnt under the actual stress and duress of a real-life violent encounter. One of the modules in the course, sees you work against an instructor in a Redman suit, which allows you the chance to put into practice, what you have learnt in previous classes.

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