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Our program utilizes both academic research, personal testimonies and the experiences of those in the security industry. However we also like to conduct our own surveys/research, so as to get a better idea, about opinions and ideas that people may have around women's personal safety, and self-defense. We try and make our research as educational as possible, so you will be given feedback, on your answers. At the moment we have two surveys running.

General Personal Safety Survey

This a "general" survey, that asks for your opinions and views on a variety of self-defense and personal safety issues, ranging from home security, to how you conduct yourself when walking alone at night etc. After completing the survey you will be given feedback on your answers, and how you can possibly change certain habits and/or improve your awareness etc. This survey is anonymous, and your feedback through taking it helps us alter, modify, and update our training to better address the personal safety needs and concerns of modern women.

To take the survey please click here.

Sexual Assault Survey

This survey looks at attitudes, opinions and concerns surrounding sexual assaults and rape. The goal of our research in this area is to find out what women believe and understand about rape and sexual assault, so that we can better address the issue in our training. Like all our surveys, there is an educational aspect to them, and your answers will be expanded upon and put into context. The ongoing results of this survey have already helped us address certain training issues, and allowed us to modify the way we present some of the information. Your participation is anonymous and is invaluable to us in helping making our free program more relevant and effective.

To take this survey please click here.

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